Family History Seminar
Arlington Stake Center
April 13, 2019
9 AM TO 3 PM
More details (registration form and schedule) to follow. 

Classes Offered:

·        Family Search Wiki
·        Searching Land & Property Records
·        Searching Probate Records
·        New Resources in the Ft. Worth Public Library
·        Afro-American Research- Piecing Together Your Family Puzzle
·        Basic Family Search- Logon and Navigation
·        Beginning Research Made Easy
·        Have a Question about Your Research?
·        Luck of the Irish: How to Overcome the Record Losses and Find Your Ancestors
·        You’ve Received Your DNA Test, What Now?
·        Scandinavian Research
·        Baking, Soil Erosion, and Rats!  Oh My!—Records of the Extension Service
·        German-Russian Ancestry Research
·        Working with Roots Magic- Family Search
·        Lost an Ancestor?  Geography Can Help
·        Find a Grave
·        Kilts, Celts, and Scots: Researching your Scottish Ancestors on Scotland’s People
·        Brick Wall Busting Strategies: Hammering at the Wall